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(Via Anonymous) For the first ten years of my life I was a very religious. With my Anglican mother and Catholic father, I really didn’t know any other way of living. And...


Will’s Story

(Via Will Black) This is the story of three atheists: me and my two brothers, Michael and Stephen.  We are all one year apart in age, with me being in the middle.  And even...


An Atheist in Christian Clothing

(Via Griffin) My mother tells me I never believed in Santa Claus. Apparently when I was very young my parents took me to the mall to meet St. Nick and upon seeing him I promptly...


My Coming Out

(Via Craig Foster) I am an atheist. Consider this my coming out. Shit. I really meant to say, “I am non-theist.” That sounds so much more innocuous and intellectual, doesn’t...


The terrifying ignorants

(Via Liam) I never believed in god. This is a story about revealing my atheism, not finding it. My parents were not particularly adament one way or the other on my religious...


The Christian who dared.

(Via Lauren) My name is Lauren Fisher. I was a Christian for the majority of my childhood. I ventured into the realms of science, and it changed me forever. I apologize if you...


Faith No More

(Via Dan Bier) I am an athe­ist. Even writ­ing that sen­tence makes me one of the most dis­trusted minori­ties in Amer­ica, and although I do not fear phys­i­cal...


Crystal Atheism

(Via Mia) “I thought, ‘Okay, calm down. Let’s just try on the not-believing-in-God glasses for a moment, just for a second. Just put on the no-God glasses and...


Christian until

(Via Arturo) I had been a Christian for a great majority of my life. I was practically born into the church to two very heavy fundamentalist Hispanic pentecostal parents. I went...


Spiderman Made Me an Atheist

(Via Joe Swam) I remember it being hot. Fuck, it was hot! It was the type of hot that causes two trees to fight over the same dog. (No, I don’t know what kind of dog.)...



(Via Baxter) I grew up in the state of Tennessee in the United States. I live in a small town with only two traffic lights. As small as it is there are five churches located in...