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Joseph’s Story

(Via Joseph Kinsey) I guess I should start this off by giving a geographical site to set the tone. I’m from southern Indiana. Although not in the bible belt, faith runs...


Mississippi Blues

(Via Renee McBrowning) Coming out began with agnostic musings shared with my  friends and family. I quit going to church and never looked back. After many years of self doubt I...


Jessica’s Story

(Via Jessica) Baptised Roman Catholic by my parents shortly after my birth, I grew up going to church once or twice a year. Easter is the main holiday I recall being taken to...


Carter’s Story

(Via Carter) 5 years. I’ve been keeping this facade up for 5 years. For some, that might not seem like much, but for a young teen, its an eternity. I’d have to say I...


My failed attempt to be a christian

(Via Kip) I’ve been an atheist since I reached the age of reason. There came a time for me somewhere around early adolescence I began to realize things happening around and...


John’s Story

(Via John) As soon as I was born my parents raised me in a Christian (baptist specifically) house hold, and taught me to be against other religions, atheist, and homosexuals. But...


Start Questioning

(Via M) I would like to start by giving background information on my family. Both sides of my family are Lutheran and very serious about their religion. Everyone in my family has...


Vero’s Story

(Via Vero P) I was raised in the Church of the Brethren in Virginia.  As a pacifist church, I continue to appreciate the questioning of main stream religion from that perspective...


Andrew’s Story

(Via Andrew) I was brought up as a Christian in the Australian Uniting Church, which is one of the, shall we say, milder forms of Christianity. I was confirmed into that church at...


Mission trip to the beach

(Via Quynh) I was 16 at the time and was part of a youth group that raises money for Speed The Light each year to fund mission trips. Earlier in the year each teen was encouraged...


I just haven’t lived through enough

(Via SparsinKY) I grew up Catholic, like most other Catholics, and went to Catholic school for most of my life. I was just surrounded by Catholics and that was my norm. It only...